In my life, no success has come without a good fight, and this nomination wasn't any different.
我的一生中, 沒有勝利不經奮鬥而來, 這次提名也不例外

A word to Senator Obama and his supporters. We'll go it over the next two months. That's the nature of these contests, and there are big differences between us. But you have my respect and admiration.
對歐巴馬及他的支持者, 我有一言. 在接下來的兩個月, 我們之間自然會有許多競爭. 這個競賽的本質就是如此, 我們彼此之間有極大的差異. 但我尊敬並欽佩你們.

And let me offer an advance warning to the old, big spending, do nothing, me first, country second Washington crowd: change is coming.
華府那些老朽的、 花大錢、一事無成、自我優先、國家第二的儲君, 我先警告你們 :  「改變來了!」

And when we tell you we're going to change Washington, and stop leaving our contry's problems for some unluckier generation to fix, you can count on it.
當我們說我們會改變華府, 不再把我們國家問題留給不幸的下一代去解決, 你們可以相信我們會說到做到.

We were elected to change Washington, and we let Washington change us. We lost the trust of the American people when some Republicans gave in to the tempations of corruption.
我們是被選來改變華府的, 我們卻任由被華府改變. 當一些共和國員無法抗拒貪腐誘惑時, 我們也隨之失去了美國人民的信任.

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