The 12th Annual CEO Forum

3-4 December 2008

China World Hotel, Beijing



Building a sustainable enterprise is the real challenge for CEOs today. With markets in a state of continuous turbulence, there is no choice but to find new ways to maintain growth and leadership positions. The CEO Forum creates the context for you to find unique insights, uncommon perspectives and the simple truths that give your business a much needed edge.

The CEO Forum, in its twelfth year, is the leading platofrm for business leaders to explore new developments on the CEO's agenda globally and in Asia. The Forum focuses on strategic trends, innovative business practices and the evolving role of the chief excutive.



sustainable : able to continue without causing damage to the environment
turbulence : 騷動;騷亂
context : 環境;背景
insight : 洞察
perspectives = viewpoint
edge = outside part
evolve : 發展;展開

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