Yong Kang Street (永康街)


When you are tired from your busy life in the city, how do you catch your breath? You don't have to go through the hassle of planning a trip abroad. A hidden corner of Taipei, Yong Kang Street, will give you the feeling of traveling to a different country, but you won't need your passport!

  Yong Kang Street is in the busiest part of town, yet it remains sheltered from the city's hustle and bustle. Whether you are an intellectual, an art lover, or an out-of-towner visiting this famous food paradise, you will feel right at home on the elegant, relaxing street.

  It is also fun to stroll through Yong Kang neighborhood's grid of small streets. Exploring these alleyways, you come across all kinds of surprises. Traditional Japanese bungalows with dark tiles, old Taiwanese barbershops, fashionable secondhand colthing stores, Chinese teahouses, and American cafés are all mixed together. There is also a junk market, Jing-An Market, where time seems to stand still. Yong Kang Street is a huge jumble of everything, but that is what makes it so charming.

hassle n. 麻煩; 困難

hustle and bustle phr. 熙熙攘攘

bungalow n. 平房

tile n. 瓦片

jumble n. 混亂; 雜亂

sheltered : 被保護的

intellectual : 知識份子 (=academic)

paradise : 天堂

elegant : 優美的; 精緻的

stroll : 散步

barbershop : 理髮店

roam : to walk or travel, usually for a long time, with no clear purpose or direction

roaming : the process that a mobile phone uses when it is in a different country or area from usual, and has to connect to a different network

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