The details of Saphira's remarks were complex, but the underly-
ing structure of the presentation was straight forward. Saphira sup-
ported Eragon because she understood how much the proposed
mission meant to him, while Eragon supported Roran because of
love and family, and because the knew Roran would pursue Katrina
with or without him, and his cousin would never be able to defeat
the Ra'zac by himself. Also, so long as the Empire held Katrina cap-
tive, Roran--and through him, Eragon--was vulnerable to manip-
ulation by Galbatorix. If the usurper threatened to kill Katrina,
Roran would have no choice but to submit to his demands.
 It would be best, then, to patch his breach in their defenses be-
fore their enemies took advantage of it.
 As for the timing, it was perfect. Neither Galbatorix nor the
Ra'zac would expect a raid in the center of the Empire when the
Varden were busy fighting Galbatorix's trooops near the border of
Surda. Murtagh and Thorn had been seen flying toward Uru'baen--
no doubt to be chastised in person--and Nasuada and Arya agreed
with Eragon that those to would probably then continue north-
ward to confront Queen Islazadiand the army under her command
once the elves made their first strike and revealed their presence.
And if possible, it would be good to eliminate the Ra'zac before they
started to terrorize and demoralize the Varden's warriors.
 Saphira had then pointed out, in the most diplomatic of terms,
that if Nasuada asserted her authority as Eragon's liegelord and for-
bade him from participating in the sortie, it would poison their rela-
tionship with the sort of rancor and dissent that could undermine
the Varden's cause. But, said Saphira, the choice is yours. Keep Eragon
here if you want. However, his commitments are not mine, and I, for
one, have decided to accompany Roran. It seems like a fine adventure.
 A faint smile touched Eragon's lips as he recalled the scene.
 The combined weight of Saphira's declaration and her impreg-
nable logic had convinced Nasuada and Arya to grant their ap-
proval, albeit grudgingly.

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