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  On December 18, one of the most
anticipated movies of the year will finally
hit theaters. Packed with aliens, action, and 
romance, Avatar is sure to make waves
around the world. It will also mark the return of
one of Hollywood's most respected directors,
James Cameron.
  In Avatar, Sam Worthington stars as Jake 
Sully, a former marine who was paralyed
in battle. But as part of a new experiment,
the millitary is giving him a second chance at
having a fully functional body. He is flown to the
faraway planet of Pandora, where technology
allows him to control an alien body. However,
he soon discovers that the government wants
him to assist it in exploiting the planet's
resources. Sully must choose whether to help
the government or his new alien friends.
  But Avatar is not your ordinary sci-if
film. Its $200 million budget makes it one of
the most expensive films ever made. It will
also introduce a new 3-D technology that
may revolutionize filmmaking. This summer,
moviegoers were griven a brief
preview, and many walked 
away speechless. Others
reported the blue aliens were so real it seemed
like they were standing right in front of the
audience. Iron Man director John Favreau has
called the new 3-D effects "a game changer."
  Although Avatar director James Cameron is now
on stranger to blockbusters, his road to the top wasn't
easy. After dropping out of college, Cameron drove a
truck. In his spare time, he made films with friends
and taught himself the art of making movies. Over
the next seven years, he would work his way up to
become a Hollywood director.
  Cameron's first hit was the 1984 action film The
Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. This began
a series of successful movies. In the following ten
years, Cameron would direct Aliens, The Abyss, and True
Lies. But in 1997 he had his biggest hit ever, Titanic. This
timeless love story, starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate
Winslet, become the highest-grossing film of all time.
  Perhaps the most amazing thing about Cameron
is his ability to change his style and still make
incredible films. In Avatar, Cameron is gambling on
the 3-D Fusion Camera system. He believes it is the
future and has promised to do all of his films in 3-D
from now on. Although the jury is still out on whether
or not Avatar will be a hit, it seems like nothing will sink
or terminate the career of this talented director anytime

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