"Richard" is German for "powerful ruler." in fact, three of England's kinds had this name. "Rick," "Rich," "Richie," and "Ricky" are all short forms of "Richard." Popular personalities include British billionaire Richard Branson (Virgin Group Chairman), Richard Nixon (37th President of the United States), and actor Richard Gere (Pretty Women).
"Elizabeth" has its roots in Greek and may be translated as "God's promise." Some of the most popular short forms are "Liz," "Elisa," and "Isabella." Famous people who share this name include actress/model Elizabeth Hurley and British queen Elizabeth II.

ruler n.統治者, 界尺;尺
personality n.人格,個性,名人
translate vt.翻譯
translate, translated, translated
translatable adj.
translator n.
chairman n.主席;會長;主長;董事長



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