Liz:How come you still drive to work with your home and office right next to MRT stations?
Rich:It's just a habit. But you're right, it is rather inconvenient looking for parking, and the fuel costs are eating into my spending money.
Liz:Not to mention the air pollution you are causing. Did you catch the coverage of the Shanghai auto show last week? Many automakers displayed alternative energy concept cars, including ones that run on bio-diesel. I've heard these engines can even run on used vegetable oil. That should lower your fuel costs!
Rich:Wow, I can't wait to get my hands on a bio-diesel sedan.

解析:Get hands on something==得到某樣東西

inconvenient adj.不方便
mention vt.提及,說到
pollution n.污染
air pollution 空氣污染
cause n.原因,緣由 vt.產生,造成
coverage n.補償額,(補償)範圍
alternative adj.二者之中選一 n.替代物
alternative energy 替代能源
diesel n.柴油引擎,柴油車
sedan n.轎車
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