Richie:How do you like your new job?
Isabel:It's OK. A job is a job, you know? It's not exciting, but it's not terrible either.
Richie:Perhaps you should consider a career change. A recent survey done by the University of Chicago found that the most satisfying jobs in the U.S. were those that involved helping others.
Isabel:What were the top three professions on the list?
Richie:Clergy, firefighter, and physical therapist.
Isabel:Interesting. Looks like making a living and helping others can indeed go hand in hand.

解析:Go hand and hand==兩件事情同時發生;或者是有了其中一個,也會有另外一個

perhaps adv.可能,也許
career 職業
survey n.勘查,測量 vt.視察
satisfy vt.使滿意,使滿足
satisfy, satisfied, satisfied
involve vt.使複雜,引致,涉及
Clergy n.神父
therapist n.治療學家
indeed adv.其實,可能


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