Eliza: How come your text messages are either misspelled or in incomplete sentences?
Rick: Because it's too time-consuming to type out every word perfectly.
Eliza: That's true. Speaking of which, there was a National Texting championship in New York last week. The winner was a thirteen-year-old girl who typed 34 English characters correctly in 15 seconds!
Rick: I read that she sends more than 8,000 text messages per month.
Eliza: Clearly, her daily practice gave her the upper hand in that competition.

解析:Have the upper hand==佔上風

either pron. 二者之一
rather adv.寧願,多少;相當
misspell vt.拼錯(字)
misspell, misspelled, misspelled
sentence n.想法,[文法]句,[法]宣判
incomplete adj.未完全的,有缺點的
consume vt.耗盡,食用,飲用,用盡
consuming adj.
consume, consumed, consumed
competion n.競爭
perfect adj.完全的 vt.使完成
perfect tense [文法]完成式
tense adj.拉緊的 n.[文法]時態
beside prep.在...旁,鄰近
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