Andre: What is the longest time you've spent in a taxi?
Jennie: I would say a trip Xinyi district to Tamshui last Saturday. It took almost one and a half hours!
Andre: You should have taken the MRT. Still, that's nothing compared to a couple who traveled 4,000 kilometers by cab from New York to Phoenix, Arizona! The trip took 6 days, and they were in the cab about 10 hours a day.
Jennie: That's a lot of free time for the two to chew the fat.
Andre: Apparently, they were moving and didn't want their cats to ride in the cargo of a plane.

解析:chew the fat==談天說地,閒話家常

district n.行政區 vt.劃分地區
couple n.一雙,一對,夫婦
cab n.出租馬車,計程車
Arizona n.[美]亞利桑那州 AZ
Phoenix 是 Arizona 的首府
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