Johan: I bombed my English midterm exam. I didn't spend too much time preparing for it, and all I could do during the exam was just sit there.
Pag: Yeah, I heard you spend a lot of Wii time last month. You still have the final exam to make up for the midterm, right?
Johan: I'm sure I will fail that too.
Peg: This might cheer you up. According to a news report I read on Yahoo, a 95-year-old woman is expected to finally graduate from college next month, making her the world's oldest college graduate. So don't worry, if you do poorly on your final, you still have seventy more years to make it up!
Johan: Whoa, I definitely don't want to stay in school THAT long. I think I better pull my socks up for the final.

解析: pull one's socks up==加把勁

bombed adj. 【俚】神智迷糊的(尤指酒或毒品引起的昏眩的感覺)
graduate vi.畢業;獲得大學學位   n. 獲學位的人;畢業生
definite adj.準確的;確切的
definitely adv.
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