Johnny: My career goal is join NASA and train to become an astronaut. That's the best chance for me to realize my dream of going into space. 
Margaret: Either that or become super rich.
Johnny: How do you figure that?
Margaret: The Hungarian-born billionaire Charles Simonyi just finished his 13-day space odyssey last week. He paid US$25 million for a round trip ticket to the International Space Station. I believe that also included his room and board.
Johnny: You must be pulling my leg! That's around NT$60 million per day! Nah, I think I rather be paid to work on the International Space Station. That way, I can truly enjoy my job everyday instead of working my tail off for a 13-day vacation.

解析: pull someone's leg==跟某人開玩笑

astronaut  n.(美國)太空人
cosmonaut 蘇聯太空人
Hungarian  adj. 匈牙利的;匈牙利人的 n. 匈牙利人
Odyssey  n. 奧德賽(傳說是荷馬所作之史詩)
odyssey n.長途冒險之旅程
truly  adv.與事實相符
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