John is Hebrew for "the Lord is gracious." There are dozens of variant forms, given names and surnames, male and female, have been created in almost every language. Celebs with this name include John F. Kennedy (U.S. former president) and American actor John Wayne.

  Peggy is the nickname of Greek name "Margaret" and means "pearl." Variants of this name include "Peg," "Paige," and "Peggie." Famous people who have this name include singer Peggy Lee, and actress Peggy Lipton.

John => Hebrew => the Lord is gracious
Peggy => Greek => Margaret's nickname

Hebrew adj. 希伯來人的;猶太人的 n. 希伯來語;猶太人;以色列人
gracious adj. 良善的;和藹的;仁慈的
dozen n. 一打;十二個
surname n. 姓;氏, 別號;別名
former adj. (時間上)在前的
former n. 塑造者
pearl n. 珍珠

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“Celeb”是英文單字 “celebrity”的縮寫,是比較口語化的用法,就是「名人」的意思,如政商名流、明星等等,其複數即為 “celebs”


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