self interest is a shared interest==同時兼顧
untested bond==光說不練
their first born==渾身解數, 千方百計
you ask and I give==有求必應
no matter what==有求必應
want more than their fair share=予取予求
appeasement be damned==得了便宜還賣乖
you can't please everyone==你不能取悅所有人
piece of pie

In the mid 1800s many people traveled west in search of gold. There were many challenges on this voyage and many helped each other along the way as self interest is a shared interest.
淘金客發財夢有志一同, 在西進的路上彼此扶持, 渡過難關

Our unsaid agreement with the bank is untested bond as we will see if they're really willing to help when we need a loan and are close to bankruptcy.
如果我們瀕臨破產而銀行拒絕我們的貸款, 就表示銀行的默契只是口惠, 根本不想幫忙

IBM really wanted John to work for them. John told then what he already had a very well paying job but they offered him their first born so he couldn't resist.
雖然John現在的工作待遇優渥, 不過IBM還是以重金將他挖角過去

Our company is about to go bankrupt and we will lose our jobs if we don't make this deal tomorrow. I need you to get that contract signed no matter what!
這個合約簽不下來, 明天大家都要失業. 不論任何代價, 都要把它簽成功!

Michael Jordan was not paid much his first year but the loose change he was getting from interviews and commercials was more than enough to compensate.
Jordan 第一年的待遇差強人意, 但他接受專訪和廣告的收入卻相當豐碩

The salesman quit his job after the company wouldn't give him his percentage on the big sales he made. He went somewhere else where he could get his piece of the pie.
得不到應有的業績獎金, 那業務員憤而離職, 並跳槽到公平對待他的公司去

Rob doesn't do much work and always insists on getting more than his fair share of the credit and pay.
Rob 不做事又愛搶功

I've increased sales, brought more profit, and paid more dividends to my investors yet I'm still getting complaints about working conditions and production! I guess you can't please everybody.
我盡了全力增加業績,提高利潤, 還分更多股利給投資人. 不過我還是被批評漠視員工的工作環境和產品品質. 我想你總不能取悅所有人

fair  adj. 美麗的, 女性的,淡色的;顏色鮮明的,  無瑕的;無斑的  adv, 有禮地;謙和地  
fair  n.【美】市集;商展;博覽會
appease  vi. 使平息;緩和;勸慰
appeasement n.
damned  adj. 遭受天罰的;被打入地獄 adv. 非常地;極
voyage  n. 航行;航海 vi. 航程;航海
bankruptcy  n. 破產;倒閉
bankrupt  n.破產者 adj. 無力償還的;破產的
resist  vt. 抵抗
commercial  adj.貿易的;商業的
compensate  vt. 償還;賠償
insist  vi. 堅求;堅持
dividend  n.【商】紅利;股息, 【數】被除數

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