Alex: I took my grandma to the hospital for a blood test last night and found out why she's been so reluctant to go.
Sara: How so?
Alex: To measure her blood sugar levels, the doctor pricked her finger for a drop of blood. Granted, it's not as bad as drawing blood with a syringe, but it's still rather uncomfortable.
Sara: I believe that barbaric method could end soon. I read a news report on The China Post a few days ago that Hong Kong scientists have invented a device that can measure a diabetics' blood sugar level with infrared in less than 10 seconds. No pain, no mess.
Alex: Wow, I wonder when that will become available to the public. The device will sure come in handy for both doctors and diabetics. My grandma will love it!

解析: come in handy==派上用場

reluctant  adj.不願的;勉強的((to))
measure  n.度量;標準, (判斷、批評或比較的)準則;標準
prick  vt.刺;戳
syringe  n.注射器;注射筒
barbaric  adj.野蠻人;未開化的
invent  vt.創造;發明(如機器)
diabetic  adj.糖尿病的 n.糖尿病患者
infrared  adj.【理】紅外線的
mess  n.齷齪;污穢;混亂
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