Al: Climate change and global warming are hot issues recently. There seems to be a TV news report on it every hour!
Sadie: Indeed, and in newspapers as well! I read a bilingual story on The China Post yesterday. It said that a six-year study has found that the cause of the "White Syndrome" coral disease that afflicts Australia's Great Barrier Reef is directly linked to warming sea temperatures.
Al: That's terrible. Looks like the Great Barrier Reef will come to a  bad end in the long run.
Sadie: Not if i can help it! I'm going to do my part and start riding my bicycle instead of taking the bus!
Al: Count me in.

come to a bad end in the long run==遭遇不測,或是不好的結果

climate n.氣候
bilingual adj.兩種語言的 n. 能流利使用兩種語言的人
syndrome n. 【醫】症候群
White Syndrome 白化症
coral n.珊瑚
disease n. 心智或身體不健全;疾病;病
afflict vt. (常用被動)折磨;煩惱
Great Barrier Reef 大堡礁
barrier n. 阻礙路;障礙, 界限;邊境
reef n. 礁;暗礁;沙洲

in the long run
count me in==我也加入


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