Alec: I read an impressive story last night. Before I tell the story, tell me what kind of activity you'll do when you're in your 70s.
Sari: I'll probably want to retain an active lifestyle. Perhaps I'll walk dogs in a park or play Majang.
Alec: Well, check this out. A 75-year-old black woman named Barbara just finished a "North Pole trek," making her the first black woman and one of the oldest people to accomplish the feat.
Sari: 75 years old? She must be a strong-minded woman.
Alec: You don't usually come off as a person who's easily impressed! Maybe you can try walking a dog in the North Pole when you're 75!
Sari: I've been inspired by that story, so don't be surprised if I do!

解析: come off==表現出

impress vt. 壓下;印;作記號, 給予深刻印象;使感動;深刻影響

impress, impressed, impressed
impressive adj. 予人深刻印象的

activity n.行動, 動作

active adj. 有活動力的
actively adv, activeness n.
active = agile
agile adj. 動作敏捷的;活潑的;靈敏的

retain vt. 保有;保留;保持

Pole n.極;端

trek vi. (牛)拉車;拖曳重負, 乘牛車旅行(尤指尋找新的定居地)

accomplish vt. 達成;成就

feat n. 功績;偉業;壯舉

inspired adj. 有靈感的

active lifestyle 積極的生活

strong-minded 意志堅定

North Pole trek 北極之旅

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