Alexander is from the Greek name Alexandros, meaning "Man's defender, warrior." The name is also one of the titles of the Greek goddess Hera. Famous people who share this name include American actor Alec Baldwin and Ancient Greek military commander Alexander the Great.

  Sarah is of Hebrew origin meaning "princess," "goddess," or "high holy one." In the Bible, Sarah was Abraham's wife, and her story is told in the Book of Genesis of the 15th most popular name given to newborns in the USA in 2005(Wikipedia), can also be spelled "Sara." Famous people include American Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, best known for her role in the hit TV series "Sex and the City."

Alexander=>Greek name Alexandros=>The goddess Hera's one of the titles
Sarah=>Hebrew=>princess, goddess, high holy one

defend vt. 保護;防衛 vi. 【法律】抗辯
defender n.
defense n. 防守;防禦
warrior n. 勇敢的戰士
soldier n. 軍人;兵士
military adj. 軍人的;軍隊的 n.軍隊
goddess n.女神
ancient adj.上古的,古代的 n.古人
holy adj. 專為事神用的;奉獻為神用的;神聖的 n. 聖物
holily adv. holiness n.
Abraham n. 【聖】亞伯拉罕(希伯來民族之始祖,原名亞伯蘭)
genesis n. 產生;發生, 【聖】(舊約)創世紀
Gemini n. 【天】雙子星座
testament n. 【法律】(處分遺產的)遺囑書(常用於last will and testament一語中)
Testament n. (聖經的)新約或舊約
the New Testament 聖經新約
the Old Testament 聖經舊約
role n. (戲劇中之)角色
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