Sophia: How's your weekend?
Michael: Nothing special. I spend hours at home watching TV. You know, I'm a couch potato and it's too late for me to change.
Sophia: You should do some outdoor activities! According to a news report I read on the China Post, the most TV adolescents watch, the more likely they are to develop attention and learning problems.
Michael: Let's see. I spent some 6 hours watching TV this weekend. I can make it 5 hours. No problem!
Sophia: Check this. Professionals suggest adolescents spend less than 3 hours per day watching TV to  reduce the likelihood of developing learning difficulties!
Michael: No wonder! I always feel sleepy when I study! I should give it a shot and turn off the tube.

解析: give something a shot==試一試(某件事)

couch vt. 使躺下;使偃臥 n. 臥榻;沙發
couch potato 【口】成天在沙發上看電視的人
couch doctor
adj. 青春發育期的 n. 青春期的人;青年人
likely adj. 或有的;可信的 adv. 大概;或許
likely, likelier, likeliest
likelihood n. 可能性
like vt. 嗜好;愛好;喜歡
likable adj. 可愛的;討喜的
develop vt. 逐漸展開, 出現;顯露, 使生長
reduce vt. 縮小(價值或尺寸等);減少((from; to)), 降低
tube n.管;筒, 【口】電視 vt. 納諸管內;裝以管
tubal adj.
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