Mickey: The blazing heat is cooking me. It's only late spring but the temperature says "middle of summer."
Sofia: Tell me about it. Global warming is a real hot topic lately. According to a news report I read on Yahoo!, the warm temperature melted an area of western Antarctica that adds up to the size of California!
Mickey: Whoa! That's terrible. People have to do something to stop it.
Sofia: And they are. A few days ago, mayors and business leaders from more than 40 of the world's biggest cities gathered in New York for a summit devoted to combating climate change and cleaning up the environment. Something we can do right now is to consumer less electricity.
Mickey: To keep the earth from warming even more, I'm willing to give-and-take. I'll start by turning of the air-conditioning!

解析: give-and-take==施與受

blaze, blazed, blazed
blaze n.火;火焰
blaze vi. 發出火焰;燃燒 vt. 使燃燒;使著火
blaze vt. 傳播;宣布...的消息
heat n. 【理】熱;熱力, 高溫;炎熱
lately adv. 近來;新近
melt vi. 融化;熔化 vt. 軟化
melt, melted, melted
Antarctica n. 南極洲
Antarctic Zone 南極區
gather vt. 集合;使聚集 vi. 會合, 化膿(如瘡膿)
gather, gathered, gathered
summit n. 頂點;絕頂(如山巔), 最高的官階;政府的首腦級 adj. 高階的(如會議)
summit conference, summit meeting, summit talk 高峰會議
devoted adj. 摯愛的;忠實的
devote vt. 奉獻;供奉
devote, devoted, devoted
combat vi. 格鬥;爭奪;爭鬥 vt. 反對;抵抗
combat, combated, combated
electricity n.電


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