Mike: What's new?
Sonia: You know what a "baby hatch" is?
Mike: A place to hatch babies?
Sonia: Of course not! It's a place mothers can drop off newborn babies they can't care for. According to a China Post news report, a Japanese hospital opened the country's first baby hatch for unwanted infants on May 10th.
Mike: I don't thing a "baby hatch" is a good idea. Mothers shouldn't give birth to a baby and abandon him. They have to take responsibility.
Sonia: I can't agree anymore. But think about it. Do you think deserting a baby on the roadside is better than deserting it in a baby hatch?
Mike: You're right, a baby hatch is indeed the lesser of two evils.

解析: give birth to==生了小寶寶

the lesser of two evils=兩害取其輕

hatch n. 昇降口;開口;艙口, 蓋艙板
hatch vt. 孵雛 vi. 孵化(蛋)
hatch, hatched, hatched
infant n. 嬰兒 adj. 幼年時期的
desert vt. 拋棄;放棄
desert n. 荒漠;無人之境
evil adj. 【正】邪惡的;兇惡的
evil, eviler, evilest
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