Mitchell: You know what? I just saw a shoplifter caught in a retail store. They turned him to the police.
Sophie: That should definitely teach him a lesson. Last week I read a nows report on The China Post about a female shoplifter caught in a Wal-Mart store. In lieu of a 60-days jail term, the perpetrator chose to stand outside the store with signs reading "I am a thief; I stole from Wal-Mart."
Mitchell: Whoa! Talk about giving someone a lesson!
Sophie: Retail stores definitely feel the need for more severe measures to stop shoplifters. An American study estimated that shoplifting costs the American public $33 billion per year!

解析: give someone a lesson==給某人一個教訓

shoplift vi.vt.順手牽羊
shoplifter n.
definite adj. 準確的;確切的, 界限明白的;明定的
definitely adv., definiteness n.
lieu n. 場所;空位(用於片語in lieu of)
jail n. 牢獄;監獄
perpetrate vt. 做(壞事);犯(罪)
perpetration n., perpetrator n.
thief n. 賊;小偷
stole n.長披肩
steal vt. 偷;竊
steal, stole, stolen
severe adj. 嚴守規律的
estimate vt. 評定;判斷


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