Nicholas: The price of gasoline is soaring! Filling up my car's tank is eating into my money.
Anna: Yeah. I saw a news report in The China Post that said gasoline prices hit a record hight for the second week in a row. In my opinion, it's not completely a bad thing though.
Nicholas: How come?
Anna: Higher gasoline prices will draw people's attention to conservation. People won't be able to just close their eyes to the energy issue.
Nicholas: That's true. It's about time we thought about how to use gasoline efficiently instead of just complaining. I think I'll start turning off my engine when wait for friends!

解析: close one's eyes to (something)==視而不見

soar n. (鳥)高飛;翱翔, 高聳;昇揚
soar, soared, soared
Prices soar 物價高漲
opinion n. 信念;意見;看法
conservation n. 保護;保存, 官方對自然資源的保護
issue n. 發行;出版, 爭論點
efficient adj. 有效的
efficiently adv.


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