Ann: Hey Nick. You look like a panda with those black circles under your eyes! How was your Europe trip?
Nick: It was awesome. I had a hard time dealing with my jet lag, though.
Ann: I bet you drank a lot of coffee. I saw a story yesterday that will make your eyes pop out of your head.
Nick: What story?
Ann: According to a report I read in the China Post, researchers say they have figured out that Viagra is useful for treating jet lag. They experimented with the drug on hamsters, and it appears that the little rodents recovered from jet lag 50% faster!
Nick: Wow, that is amazing! I guess I'll have to take some Viagra with me next time I go abroad! But here comes another question. What do I do about the "side effect" of Viagra?

解析: eyes pop out (of one's head)==大吃一驚

awesome adj. 令人敬畏的;令人畏懼的;奇異的
dealing n.態度;經商方法;分配
jet lag 噴射時差;生理時差
lag vi. 緩行;逗留;落後
treat vt. 處理;對付;處置
experiment n. 試驗
drug n. 藥材;藥物
hamster n. (歐洲大陸所產之)黑腹倉鼠(穴居之鼠類,頰袋胖大)
appear vi. 呈現;出現
rodent n. 【動】齧齒類動物。如:老鼠、松鼠、水獺等
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