Cole: What's new?
Ana: Check this out. I read a story on the Web site that said a 9-year-old German girl was seen crying in a window, holding a sign up saying "Help! Please call the police!"
Cole: That's terrible! Someone had to have helped her.
Ana: Someone did. She caught pedestrians' eyes very quickly, and police got there in no time.
Cole: Whoa! Is she still alive? Keep going.
Ana: The police rushed there and discovered that little girl was just arguing with her mom about tidying her room. According to one of the officers, the room looked like a "battlefield."
Cole: Ha--Very funny. What happened next!
Ana: The officers ordered her to clean her room. When they went there 2 hours later to check, the room was all cleaned up and the daughter was obeying her mom again.

解析: catch (someone's) eye==引起(某人的)注意

pedestrian n.行人 adj.步行的
tidy vt. 使整潔;使井井有條 adj. 整齊的;整潔的
argue vi. 爭辯;辯論
argue, argued, argued, arguing
battlefield n. 戰場
obey vt. 服從;聽從
obey, obeyed, obeyed
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