Collin: Have you ever heard of the "little mermaid statue" in Denmark?
Anne: Sure. It's a famous landmark in Copenhagen. I also know the statue was sculpted to commemorate the works of Hans Christian Andersen. Why do you ask?
Collin: I read a news report in The China Post that said last week, the mermaid was found draped in a Muslim dress and head scarf.
Anne: Hmm. Maybe someone just wanted to have some fund with it.
Collin: Maybe. But people have also splashed red paint on it and even sawed off its head! That just isn't right.
Anne: Yeah, that's called vandalism I guess now the police are keeping an eye on the statue to prevent anymore damage.

解析: keep an eye on (someone or something)==緊盯著 (某人或某事)

mermaid n. (童話中的)美人魚
Copenhagen n. 哥本哈根(丹麥首都)
sculpted 琢磨
commemorate vt. 紀念;表揚
drape vt. 用布覆蓋;(以布)裝飾
scarf n. 腰帶;圍巾;領帶 (複數: scarves )
splash vt. 濺;潑
vandalism n.惡意破壞公[私]物的行為
prevent vt. 防止;使不發生
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