The name "Nicholas" is of Greek origin and means "victorious people." It is the 64th most common male name in the USA (Wikipedia). The variations of this name include Nick, Cole, and Collin. Celebrities who have the name include movie start Nicholas Cage and HK singer Nicholas Tse.

  The name "Anna" derives from the Hebrew name "Channah" which means "grace / charm" or "mercy." The name is popular in many countries and in many different forms. The variations of the name include Ann, Ana, and Anne. Famous people who share this name include tennis player Anna Kournikova and fashion designer Anna Sui.

variation n.變化
celebrity n. 名人;聞人
derive vt. 得自;引出 vi. 出自((from))
charm n. 吸引力;魅力;魔力(尤指神秘的誘惑力)


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