William: Last night I went swimming with my brother. The water was freezing!
Victoria: Freezing? That was no big deal compared to this: According to a news report I read in The China Post, a British adventurer is planning to become the first person to swim at the North Pole!
William: Whoa! He must be insane!
Victoria: Not really. He is trying to highlight the consequences of global warming. He said the swim would have been almost impossible 10 years ago since the water would have been frozen.
William: He will attract a lot of attention, I believe. Hopefully, more and more people will start keeping global warming in mind and do something to help improve the situation!

insane adj. 精神不正常的;瘋的
consequence n. 自然之結果;後果, 重要性
improve vt. 改良;改善

Dear China Post:
   有個問題想請教,今天6/4 的 Trusty Translation 中有一個句子
   "do something to help improve the situation!"
   其中 help 與 improve 應該都是 "動詞" 一般來說不是不能動詞+動詞?


China Post 的回覆
Dear Upaper Readers,
Greetings from The China Post.

當help的意思為「幫忙」時,其功能接近使役動詞,文法為help + (to) + 原型動詞,或者是help + 受詞 + (to) + 原型動詞,其中to可以省略。


在 “do something to help (to) improve the situation!” 這個句子中to被省去了。


此外,其它常見的使役動詞還有 make, have, let, bid, allow等等,使用的方法也相同
We hope this helps, and thanks for writing in.
The China Post

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