Cable Car Museum
Cable cars are so much fun. San Francisco was the first city to use cable cars and it's the only one that still does. Almost 10 million people take a ride on them each year. There was such an uproar over a 1947 proposal to replace them with buses, that the city's constitution now forbids discontinuing the service. Long live the constitution!

uproar n. 喧擾;紛亂
proposal n. 提議;提出
constitution n. 成立;設立
forbid vt. 禁止;不准
discontinue vi.vt. 【正】停止;停頓;終止;放棄

Cable Car Museum
The museum houses the most important part of the cable car system. Several giant winding wheels pull the cable loops that tow the cable cars around the city. 510 horsepower electric motors keep the cable moving at a constant 9.5 miles per hour through the channel beneath the streets. Don't go sticking your fingers down there!

winding adj. 纏繞的;紆曲的;蜿蜒的
wind n. 風;微風
tow vt. 拖;拉;曳
constant adj. 忠實的;堅定的, 繼續不斷的;經常的;持久的
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