City Hall
This has to be one of the most impressive buildings in the city. The dome is the 5th largest in the world and rises 301 feet above the street, higher than the capitol in Washington D.C. It is built in the Beaux Arts style (French for 'Fine Arts') and was inspired by the gilded dome and spire of Les Invalides in Paris. They sure don't build them like they used to!

impressive adj. 予人深刻印象的
capitol n. [the ~] 美國國會大廈
inspired adj. 有靈感的, 由別人授意的
gild vt. 鍍金, 裝飾
spire n. 幼葉;幼苗
spire n. 單迴螺旋線;(尤指)螺旋殼之上端

beau n. 【古】衣著講究的人, 紈褲子弟;花花公子
beau 複數 : beaux

法 國作為歐洲“正統藝術”的中心,在250年裡由巴黎美術學院(EcoledesBeauxArts,原稱法蘭西藝術院 AcademiedesBeauxArts,由路易十四建立)專職研究和教授古典美術、雕刻和建築,形成學院派的藝術風格,通常就稱為BeauxArts 風格,偏重法國和意大利的文藝復興到巴洛克時代的風格。

City Hall
The first City Hall was completely flattened during the 1906 earthquake. The current building was then badly damaged during the 1989 earthquake and cost $300 million to fix. To prevent future earthquake damage, the whole building was detached from its foundations and now rests on 600 rubber and steel isolators. Shake, rattle and roll!

prevent vt. 防止;使不發生
detached adj. 分開的;不連貫的, 客觀的;公平的
isolate vt. 使孤立;隔離
rattle n. 急促連續且尖銳之聲;嘎嘎聲

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