Golden Gate Bridge
This has to be the most recognizable bridge in the world. Interestingly, its distinctive color was somewhat of an accident. During construction, the bridge was painted in red-orange primer to protect against rust. The designers happened to like the way the primer looked, and thus, the bridge's International Orange color was decided.

distinctive adj. 區別的;鑒別的
accident n. 意外事件;不幸事件
rust n. 鐵銹;紅色氧化鐵
thus adv. 如是;如斯

Golden Gate Bridge
The bridge took 4 years to construct and was completed in 1937. At that time it was the world's longest and until recently, it also had the world's highest tower at 746 feet. 11 men fell to their death during construction. But amazingly, 19 were saved by a set of safety nets, all becoming proud members of the 'Halfway to Hell' club.

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