Wilson: Know what? Last week I went shopping and found that I could no longer fit in the clothing size I used to wear. I feel so frustrated.
Vicky: I told you not to be such a couch potato a thousand times! It's time for you to take action!
Wilson: Do you have any recommendations for me?
Vicky: Yep. You can start by eating less and exercising more. By the way, this reminds me of a story that I read in the China Post. Australian researchers found that the combination of exercise and fish oil supplements helps reduce body fat more effectively. I guess you can give it a shot!
Wilson: That sounds great! Anything else?
Vicky: Just start your plan and keep the ball rolling. You'll be able to slim down soon!

frustrate vt. 挫敗;使失望;阻礙
I feel so frustrated.
couch vt. 使躺下;使偃臥 n. 臥榻;沙發
couch potato 【俚】【口】極為懶惰的人;成天在沙發上看電視的人
vt. 縮小(價值或尺寸等);減少((from; to))
effective adj. 能發生效力的;有效的
efficient adj. 有效的
slim adj. 細的;細長的

recommend vt. 託付, 勸告;建議
recommender n.
recommendation n.介紹;推薦


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