Kingston Technology Goes "Traveling" at Computex Taipei 2007
  Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, is expected to publicize important news on its HyperX High-performance memory division, as well as several key additions to its Flash memory line during Computex Taipei 2007, which runs June 5-9, 2007. Playing up the global scale of the world's second-largest trade show, Kingston will adopt a "World Traveler" theme in its booth.
  Global travelers demand uncompromising computing power even on-the-fly, so Kingston will be demonstrating live its new DDR3 1500MHz HyperX and DDR2 800MHz ultra-low latency HyperX memory modules. Its 512MB and 1BG DDR3 1066MHz HyperX memory modules recently passed Intel Platform (PMO) Validation, paving the way for the next generation of high-performance computing. DDR3 technology offers significant memory performance gains, at lower voltage and less power consumption.
  Kingston will also debut its DataTraveler Style, a sleek USB Flash drive that allows users to carry digital data with personalized expression, with a series of "skins" or use Kingston's web site to design, upload and print their own.
  Keeping world travelers amused is the DataTraveler Mini Fun or Sudoku Game. This popular numbers puzzle game now comes preloaded on the DT Mini Fun with available up to 4GM of onboard storage.

innovation n. 創新;革新
publicize vt.宣傳
adopt cf.採納;採用
booth n.攤子
demand vt. 要求;強索
uncompromising adj. 不妥協的;不讓步的
demonstrate vi. 理證;證明
latency n. 潛伏;蟄伏
paving n. 舖過的道路
significant adj. 有意義的
gain vt. 獲得(盈利或利益)
debt n. 債;債務
debut n. 初入社交界;初次出場
sleek adj. 光滑的;光亮的
expression n. 表現;表達
express adj. 明白的;確切的, 捷運的 adv. 以快遞;迅速地
amuse vt. 娛樂;使快樂
puzzle n. 疑難;難題, 困惑;迷惑
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