Will: I messed up on the midterm exam. I guess I can't graduate with you this year!
Vickie: You can still make up for it by doing well on the final, can't you?
Will: I can't do it. I'm not good enough.
Vickie: Umm. I believe this story I read in the China Post a few days age will cheer you up: A one-limbed student is going to graduate from UCLA!
Will: What do you mead "one-limbed?"
Vickie: She lost both legs and an arm when she was eight because of bacterial meningitis. Next week she will graduate from college, and she plans on becoming a pediatrician!
Will: Impressive. She kept her chin up and never stopped striving for her goal. You're right. I shouldn't give up so fast. I'd better start studying for the final, though!

mess n. 一群集體用餐者, 【口】不知所措的人 vt. 【俚】攪亂
graduate n. 獲學位的人;畢業生
limbed adj. 有肢(枝)的
bacterial n. 【菌】細菌
meningitis n. 【醫】腦膜炎
pediatrician n. 小兒科醫師
chin n.下巴
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