Julia: I'm so full. You know, I shouldn't have come to an all-you-can-eat restaurant, since I only eat like a bird.
Robert: Ha-ha! Look at me! There is still space in my stomach. Just call me the king of big eaters!
Julia: Yeah, you can eat a lot. But you are still far from being a "KING." In a hot dog eating competition held in Arizona last week, 23-year-old Joey Chestnut gobbled up 59 hotdogs buns in 12 minutes!
Robert: That's a no big deal. Wait a second... Did you say "59 hotdogs in 12 minutes?" The guy really eats like a horse! Now I feel like I'm the one who eats like a bird.

解析:to eat like a horse==吃的很多
        to eat like a bird==吃的很少

all-you-can-eat restaurant 吃到飽餐廳

gobble vt. 狼吞虎嚥
buns n. (人類的)屁股;臀部
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