Bob: My electric bill was soaring last month since I turned on the air conditioner all day.
Juliana: It isn't all your fault. It was really hot last month.
Bob: I couldn't agree with you more. According to a news report I saw in the China Post, the glaciers and the snow covering the Earth are melting. The article said that the water shortages, rising sea levels and flooding would impact up to 40 percent of the world's population in the long run!
Juliana: That's awful! We have to do something to help! I'm going to turn off the air conditioner and use an electric fan instead. In order to protect the environment, we can't eat our cake and have it too. We'll need to make some sacrifices!

解析:to eat one's cake and have it too==一箭雙鵰

soar vi. (鳥)高飛;翱翔,  (飛機)滑翔  n. 高飛;翱翔
glacier n.冰河
melting adj. 溫柔的;細膩的
melt vi. 融化;熔化 vt. 軟化
shortage n. 不足額;虧損;赤字
flood n.氾濫;洪水  vt. 氾濫;漲溢;淹沒
impact n. 碰撞;相撞
awful adj. 可怕的;嚇人的
population n.人口,居民
sacrifice n. 獻祭;供奉
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