Robin: I'm going out to the store. I'm running out of toothpaste and shampoo. Do you want me to get anything for you?
Juliet: No, thanks a lot. You said you're buying toothpaste? Beware of toothpaste that's mode in China.
Robin: How come?
Juliet: I read a report in the China Post a few days ago. The Food and Drug Administration told people to throw away toothpaste that's mode in China, since it may contain a poisonous chemical used in antifreeze! But China immediately denied the accusation, saying that the claim was irresponsible!
Robin: That is so wrong. I think China should eat its words and start reclaiming the tainted toothpaste.

解析:to eat one's words==承認說錯話;收回前言

drug n. 藥材;藥物, 麻醉劑
narcotic n.麻醉劑
throw n. 投;拋;扔
poisonous adj. 有毒的;足以致死的, 敗壞道德的
chemical adj. 化學的
antifreeze n. 防凍劑
anti pref. 表示"抵抗、阻擋、反對"之意
accusation n. 控訴;控告
irresponsible adj. 不負責的;無責任的
reclaim vt. 要求歸還;索回((from))
claim vt. 要求, 值得;需要
taint vt. 使感染(疾病);使中毒

running out 用光
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