Bert: What are we going to have for dinner?
Julie: I have no idea. Let's eat out today. I know a good exotic restaurant!
Bert: I don't mean to put a damper on your idea. But restaurants use to much salt and MSG. It's not good for our health.
Julie: Oh, I've never thought about it since restaurant food is so delicious. Besides, eating a little bit of salt and MSG can't hurt.
Bert: Nope. Eating too much MSG may result in headaches, nausea and drowsiness. Let's try eating in more often in the future.
Julie: That sounds great! I'll also buy some organic food, so we can eat healthier!

解析:to eat in / out==在家吃飯 / 出外用餐

exotic adj. 外國的;異國的 n.舶來品, 脫衣舞孃
damper n. 使人沮喪之事;使人掃興者
nope adv. 【口】不
nausea n. 噁心;反胃;暈船
drowsiness adj. 瞌睡的;懶洋洋的
organic adj. 器官的, 有機體的

to put a damper on your idea 潑冷水
organic food 有機食物


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