Lombard Street
While Lombard Street is definitely the crowd favorite, there are much steeper streets in San Francisco. Filbert St. and 22nd St. have sections of road while a grade of 31.5 degrees. Normally, most people would consider a hill of only 16 degrees steep. Vermont St. is also quite windy with 7 turns in only 270 feet. Parallel parking must be fun!

definite adj. 準確的;確切的
definitely adv.
crow n. 烏鴉
crowd vt. 擠滿
crown n.王冠
steep adj. 陡峭的;峭壁的
filbert n. 【植】榛樹
consider vt. 考慮;細想, 相信;以為
grade n. (等級、品質、次第等的)一級;一等, 分數
windy adj. 微風的;風所形成的, 誇張的
parallel adj. 平行的
parallel parking 併排停車
cable car
telescope 望遠鏡
cactus 仙人掌
baby stroller 嬰兒車
ball of yarn 毛線球
arrow 箭, 箭頭記號(圖表中用以指示方向者)
feather 羽毛
antenna n. 【蟲】觸角;觸鬚, 【無線】天線

Lombard Street

They call Lombard the "crookedest street in the world". The hill's natural slope of 27 degrees would be to steep for many cars, so 8 sharp turns (or switchbacks) were added to climb the 412 feet. This makes for an incredibly twisty road with a speed limit of only 5 mph, by necessity. I'm pretty sure I'd be sick if I tired driving any faster than that.

Lombard n.倫巴底人;倫巴底民族之後裔
steep adj. 陡峭的;峭壁的
steep vt. 沾;浸
crooked adj. 彎的;屈曲的
slope n. 斜線;斜面
incredibly adj. 不足信的;難以置信的
twisty  vt. 絞, 扭歪;曲解 n. 纏繞;搓絞
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