Mandy: How have you been recently?
Tom: No good. I feel so stressed about overworking. I need some way to release the pressure.
Mandy: How about joining a yoga class with me? According to a news report I read in the China Post, yoga's postures, meditation and controlled breathing can help ease one's anxiety. Besides, it's also good for losing weight!
Tom: That sounds great. I can unwind and lose weight at the same time. It's like killing two birds with one stone!

解析:kill two birds with one stone==一石二鳥

stress n. 壓力;強迫 vt. 著重;強調, 【語音】重讀;加重音
-stress 表示"女性行為者"之意。如:songstress 女歌手
posture n. 姿態;姿勢 vt. 使做出某種姿勢
meditation n. 沈思;冥想
breathing n. 呼吸 adj. 能呼吸的;活的
breath n. 呼吸;氣息
ease n. 安適;不費力;容易
easy adj. 不費力的;容易的
easily adv. 輕易地
anxiety n. 憂慮;不安
unwind vt. 展開,鬆開(捲著的東西) vi. 【口】放鬆心情;減輕緊張
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