Thomas is of Aramaic origin and means "twin." The name has been popular since the 12th-century martyr Thomas Backet. Names similar to Thomas include Tom, Tomas and Tommy. Famous people who share the name include retired NBA guard Isaiah Thomas and famed inventor Thomas Edison.

    Amanda originates from Latin, and its meaning is "worthy of love." The name was probably modeled on Miranda. From 1976 to 1995, "Amanda" ranked among the ten most popular female baby names in the United States. In 2006, "Amanda" ranked number 102 (Wikipedia). Variations of the name include Mandy, Mindy and Amada. Celebrities who have this name include American actress Amanda Bynes ("What a Girl Wants") and Hong Kong model Amanda Strang.

Thomas Edison 愛迪生

Aramaic 阿拉姆語
martyr n. 殉教者;烈士
similar adj. 相似的;類似的
fame n. 名聲;風聞
famed adj.
famous adj. 馳名的;著名的
originate vt.發端;創作
origin n. 原始;本源
model n. 模範;典型    vt. 依照模型製作;塑造   vi. 模擬…製造;仿造
rank n. 一排;一行;秩序, 官階;品級    vt. 排成行列
celebrity n. 名人;聞人
celebrate vt. 舉行典禮(如彌撒禮)
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