Matthew: I remember last month you signed up to take the GEPT? How's that going?
Grace: So far so good. I spend a lot of time studying for it. Though I can't imagine what I would do if I failed it.
Matthew: Just sign up again. A 73-year-old India man failed his high school exams for the 39th straight time and still vowed to try again next year -that's what I read on Yahoo! last week. So taking another test would be no big deal for you.
Grace: Hey! I don't want to take the GEPT 39 times!
Matthew: Well, all you can do is just go for it and try to pass it the very first time.

解析: go for it==放手一摶

sign up == 報名
no big deal == 沒什麼大不了

straight adj. 不彎曲的;直的
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