Matt: These antique clocks are so exquisite. When did you start collection them?
Graciela: My dad is the collector. He says antique clock never go out of fashion, and they are good investment as well.
Matt: He's good taste. By the way, seeing these clocks rings a bell for me. I read a news report in the China Post - antique clocks might contain mercury in their components, and the mercury could leak when the clocks get old!
Graciela: Really? I'd better have my dad call a clockmaker to take a look at our clocks and make sure everything's okay.

解析:go out of fashion / style == 退流行

exquisite adj. 雅緻的;精巧的
mercury n. 【化】汞;水銀
mercury 【天】水星
rings a bell for 想起一件事


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