Nokia corp.'s chief executive wants to steer the world's largest maker of cellphones toward new sources of revenue, such as the Internet.
    The restructuring of Nokia, announced yesterday, takes a step in pushing that goal by carving out a new unit focused on growth opportunities around music downloading, Internet browsing, mapping and other services.
    Under the reorganization, which will take effect Jan. 1, Nokia will divide its cellphone business into three units: mobile devices; services and software; and a markets division responsible for managing Nokia's supply chains, as well as sales and marketing.
    By increasing the focus on services and software, the changes underscore pressure on cellphone companies to find new businesses as the industry matures. The moves also highlight a broader shift in the cellphone industry, where software is becoming as important -- or more important -- than hardware, said Ben Wood, an analyst at consulting company CCS Insight. "Catering for the talk and text market did not demand the level of competence that this new world requires," he said.
    The launch of Apple Inc.'s iPhone next week shows the new types of competitors that Noika faces. Nokia, which makes more then one in three of all cellphones purchased globally and is the world's biggest handset maker in terms of sales and market share, still has a head start. It already has seen success with the N95 phone, which provides high-speed Internet access and a large screen and memory for video and music files. In addition, Nokia -- along with Sony Ericsson -- has taken the lead in rolling out an array of music phones. Sony Ericsson is a joint venture between Telefon AB L.M. Ericsson and Sony Corp.
    By combining the various device businesses, Nokia hopes to make its efforts to improve its range of handsets more efficient and speed up the time to market for new produces. Different phone divisions have been bumping up against each other. The midtier phones, for instance, have become sophisticated with features such as high-quality cameras and location-based services, traditionally the realm of the highest end of the range.
   When it release results, Nokia will report its cellphone business as one group and its networks business -- which is the infrastructure-equipment venture it runs with Siemens AG -- as another. Previously, Nokia reports result separately for four divisions: low-and midtier phones, high-end phones, the business catering to corporate customers, and networks.

諾基亞公司. 的行政長官要帶領世界上最大的移動電話實現新的收入來源 . 如因特網 . 轉型的諾基亞 ,昨日公佈的, 採取步驟推動這一目標 ,雕刻出一個新的股注重成長機會周圍下載音樂 上網瀏覽 ,繪圖及其他服務 . 根據重組 ,這起1月1日,諾基亞會將其手機業務分為三個單元 : 移動裝置 ; 服務和軟件 ; 而市場司負責管理諾基亞公司的供應鏈 , 以及銷售和營銷 . 增加的重點放在服務和軟件 變化的突出壓力 ,對公司的手機 ,以尋找新業務作為行業的成熟. 動作 ,也突出了一個更廣闊的手機產業 , 在軟件越來越重要--或者更重要的--不是硬件說 ,奔木, 一名分析師諮詢公司秘書的洞察力. "飲食的談話全文及市場沒有需求的水平的能力,這一新的世界需要" ,他 說 . 啟動蘋果公司的iphone下週顯示新類型的競爭對手 , noika臉上 . 諾基亞 , 使得更多的,然後每三個人都購買了手機 ,在全球,是世界上最大的手機製造商在 按銷售規模和市場份額 ,仍然有頭開始 . 它已經看到成功的N95型手機 , 提供高速因特網接入和一個大屏幕和內存 ,視頻和音樂檔案 . 此外, 諾基亞 --隨著索尼愛立信 --已率先推出了一系列的音樂手機 . 索尼愛立信公司是一個合資企業之間乙級電話 :愛立信公司和索尼公司組合而成的各種裝置的企業 , 諾基亞公司希望將努力改進其射程手機更有效率及加速時間 市場的新產品 . 不同的手機部門已經戲弄了對方 . midtier的電話 ,比如,已變得複雜等特點的高質量相機和基於位置的服務 , 傳統的境界最高的結束範圍 . 當它釋放的結果 , 諾基亞將報告其手機業務一組 ,其業務网絡 --即設施設備創業資訊 擠提與德國西門子公司--作為另. 此前,諾基亞公司報告 ,結果分別為四個部門 :低收入和midtier電話 ,高端電話 ,商業飲食業為公司客戶 , 和网絡 .

steer vt. 控制方向, 掌舵;操縱;駕駛
steer 小閹牛;【美】公牛
restructure vt. 調整;改組;重新安排
carving n. 雕刻;雕刻術
carve vt. 雕刻
underscore vt. (在字等)之下畫(底)線    n. 底線
underline vt. 在(字等)之下畫線, 加強;強調
score n. 割痕;刻痕
mature vi. 長成;成熟
consulting adj. 顧問的;提供專家建議的
consult vt. 徵詢;諮詢
cater vi. 提供;迎合
demand vt. 要求;強索
competence n. 適合;能力;才能
competitor n. 競爭者;敵手
efficient adj. 有效的
efficient cause 動因;成因
sophisticated adj.不自然的;不純的
infrastructure n. (形成整體或系統的)基礎結構
infra- 表示"在下的;在下"之意
previous adj. 時間上在先的;先前的
previously adv.

tier n. 一行;一排(座位)
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