Grayce: How was the party last night?
Mats: It was awesome. Besides, I have a crush on a girl I met there, though it seemed she was not attracted to me at all. I'm not the type of the man she likes, I guess.
Grayce: Hmm. I bet you'll want to know this. According to a study I read in the China Post, a man who resembles a girl's father can make her heart flutter the most easily!
Mats: That's certainly useful. I guess I'll go all out and try to become her father! I mean, become like her father!

解析:go all out == 放手一摶

awesome adj. 令人敬畏的;令人畏懼的, 【口】極好的;不尋常的
resemble vt. 相似;(面貌或性質)類似
flutter vi. 急速而不規則地動或跳動, (心緒)心寧;躊躇不安   vt. 使亂動;振動


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