Jason: Why are you holding a mouse in your hand?
Claire: It's not a mouse. Meet my new pet - a lovely guinea pig! I'm now a big fan of guinea pigs.
Jason: A mouse and a guinea pig look the same to me. By the way, people in Peru had an annual guinea pig festival recently, including contests for the biggest, the best-dressed, and the...
Claire: That sounds great. I wish I were there!
Jason: And the tastiest barbecued guinea big!
Claire: My goodness. If I saw a roasted guinea pig, I would suffer a breakdown for sure! Forget it!

解析:breakdown : to lose control of one's emotion, usually as a result of mental stress or trauma

guinea n. 基尼(昔通行於英國之金幣)
guinea pig 天竺鼠
Peru n. 秘魯
annual adj. 每年的;年度的;一年一次的
annual leave 一年一次的休假
an annual report 年報
roast vt. 烤;炙;焙;燻(肉類)
emotion n. 精神上之激動;感動
mental adj. 心的;心理的;心智的
stress n. 壓力;強迫;壓迫
trauma n. 身體的損傷;創傷;挫傷, 【醫】(造成後遺症的)精神性創傷
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