The gloriously decorated three-arch Dragon's gate signals that we're entering Chinatown. The gate was a gift from the Republic of China in 1969 and incorporates many good luck symbols. It is also guarded by some fierce stone lion dogs believed to be able to ward of evil spirits. With all those things to help me. I'm sure I'll do well today.

gloriously adj. 光榮的;傑出的
gloriously adv.
decorate vt. 裝飾
fierce adj. 狂怒的;強烈的;猛烈的(如暴風)
ward vt. 擋開;避開;阻止
-ward 表示"傾向;在...方向"之意

I'll have to check out the fortune cookie factory while I'm here. I was surprised to learn that fortune cookies were invented here in San Francisco and you couldn't even buy them in China until the 1990s. I hear that two women at the factory can make 20,000 a day, by hand, using a bunch of little waffle irons. My fingers sure aren't that nimble.

invent n. 創造;發明(如機器)
nimble adj. 敏捷的;機警的
bunch n. 一束;一串
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