Jace: How's everything going?
Clara: Not bad, though it can be better if my brother stops playing video games all day long. My parents are so angry about him and nag at him all the time. I don't know why it's so hard for him to quit video games.
Jace: I think this can explain the reason. According to a story I read in the China Post, psychiatrists said that video games can be as addictive as heroin for some kids. Even if they want to stop it, it's still hard for them to break the habit.
Clara: Gee. I better do something to help him!

解析:break a habit - to end a habit

nag vt. 不停地挑剔;喋喋不休
psychiatry n. 精神病學;心理治療法
psychiatrist n.
addictive adj. (藥物等)易於上癮的
heroin n. 【藥】海洛英
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