The Marina District
The scenic Marina District was once just a swampy marshland. In 1915 it was filled in to create the site for the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition. Unfortunately, landfill is rather unstable and the area suffered extensive damage during the 1989 earthquake. Ironically, part of the landfill was rubble from the 1906 earthquake.

scenic adj. 風景的
swamp n. 沼澤;濕地
swampy adj.
marshland 沼澤地
marsh n. 沼地;濕地;沼澤
marsh gas 【化】沼氣;甲烷
Panama n. 巴拿馬;首都:巴拿馬市
exposition n. 解釋;闡明, 大規模的展覽會;博覽會
the San Francisco Exposition of 1915 一九一五年之舊金山博覽會
landfill n. 垃圾掩埋法   vi. 垃圾掩埋
ironic adj. 反諷的;意言相反的
ironically adv.
rubble n. 石子;碎磚;破瓦, 廢物;垃圾

Google Translate:
風景優美的海濱區一度只是一個沼澤濕地. 1915年裝的是在製造現場 ,為 1915年巴拿馬太平洋國際博覽會 . 不幸的是,填埋是相當不穩定的地區遭受廣泛損害 ,在1989年的地震. 諷刺的是,部分填埋是瓦礫 ,從 1906年的地震.

by myself (updated from Google Translate):
風景優美的海濱區一度只是一個沼澤濕地. 在1915年為了當年的巴拿馬太平洋國際博覽會之會場而建立了這個碼頭。不幸的是地基是建立在一個相當不穩定的地區,因而在1989年的地震遭受廣泛損害。諷刺的是,部分填埋的瓦礫是來自於 1906年的地震。

While they no longer remain, the 1915 Exhibition in the Marian District had some amazing sights. There was the spectacular 435 feet high Tower of Jewels, which was covered by more than 100,000 cut glass jewels from Bohemia. They also had the tallest flagpole ever raised at a hight of 299 feet. Must have taken a while to run the flag up that one.

spectacular adj. 展示的, 壯觀的;場面壯麗的
Bohemia 波希米
flagpole n. 旗竿
pole n. 極;端

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