Alamo Square
Alamo Square is one of the most picturesque and most photographed parks in San Francisco. I instantly recognized the famous row of brightly colored Victorian housed called the "Painted Ladies". I've seen many photos of them with the San Francisco skyline looming behind them. Just being here is like stepping int o TV show.

picturesque adj. 栩栩如生的;逼真的
instantly adv. 立刻;馬上
bright adj. 光明的;明亮的, 亮麗的;顏色鮮明的
brightly adv.
loom vt. 隱約浮現
Alamo Square
The ornate Victorian houses around Alamo Square are in a style made popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. Many were lost during the great fire after the 1906 earthquake. Many more lost their ornate fixtures during World War I and II scrap drives. Thankfully many have been restored to their former glory. If only I could afford one.

ornate adj. 盛裝的;盛飾的
reign n. 君權;王權, 朝代;統治期;執政期
fixture n. 固定物, 【口】固定於一職的人;久居一處的人
scrap n. 殘餘;碎屑;零屑
former adj. (時間上)在前的
former n. 塑造者
drive vt. 推進;驅迫;逼使, 駕御;指引
afford vt. 供給;產生;出產, 負擔得起
Google Translate:
華麗的維多利亞式房子周圍阿拉摩廣場是一個風格使民眾統治時期維多利亞女王. 許多人失去了,在大火災後 , 1906年的地震. 多失去華麗固定在第一次世界大戰和第二次世界大戰廢料機 . 幸而還有許多已恢復其昔日的輝煌 . 我要是都買得起.


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